My Story

I started selling Scentsy Fragrance in 2010.  I promoted to an Independent Scentsy Director in my first 9 months as a consultant.  I then promoted to Star Director in October 2014 and we now have over 175 consultants on The Glow Team Group!  I absolutely love what I do.  This company is built on generosity, their products are amazing, and Scentsy absolutely loves their consultants. 

I reside in Metairie, LA and I love the beach. I started selling Scentsy when I lived in Mannington, NJ and spread our team of consultants across Southern NJ and then nationwide! I have 5 children: Eric 19, Aidan 17, Veronica 11, Cavin 6, and Charlie 2 years old. I am happy with my career choice because it allows me to be very active with my children and it gives me an opportunity to build a career and business for myself.  I have met so many new friends, organizations, and team members that have inspired me and supported me in the growth I have achieved in the past 6.5 years.  I would have never met any of these new friends if I did not join Scentsy.  I am a social butterfly and I love to talk, have fun, and be myself and this is definitely the right job for me!

I work Friday, Saturday and Sunday outside of the home (around sports and activity schedules) doing Open Houses, Events, and Fundraisers.  I work from my home office and the car throughout the week and after 9pm when my kids are sleeping.   My children help me pack orders, work events and even promote Scentsy to their friend's parents and to their teachers!  They love the products and the business as well! Aidan is in training to become a Scentsy Director himself!  Now that I am a Star Director I have the opportunity to leave something for my children and their children.  I have built my own business and it feels amazing! 

A strong passion of mine is to travel.  Scentsy has taken me to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic in 2012, the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica in 2013, Cancun in 2014,  Leadership 2015 in Cancun for FREE again, a 7-day Southern Caribbean cruise on RCL in June 2015,  Leadership Cruise to Cozumel in January 2016, and the Walt Disney World Resort in June of 2016 for my family and I.  I have also attended every Scentsy Family Reunion since 2011!  I have been to Fort Worth, TX, Las Vegas, NV twice, Indianapolis, IN, St. Louis, Missouri, and Nashville, TN!

Want growth, rewards, and achievements all of your own? Join The Glow Team today for $99!  It will be the best decision you have made in your life! It has rocked my world and I am never looking back!

I will walk you through your first 70 days and then I am here for you whenever you need me after that! I will train you on how to host shows, run events, recruit, and organize fundraisers!

Thank you for reading and I hope to talk to you soon!


Amber Luckey
Independent Scentsy Star Director
856-371-4928 c
Twitter: @aluckey148
Instagram: @aluckey148

**2013 Power Ranking Director Award Achiever**